June 22

Born On This Day
1763 | Étienne Méhul, French pianist and composer (d. 1817)
1830 | Teodor Leszetycki, Polish pianist, composer and pedagogue (d. 1915)
1901 | Luís Armando Rivera, Dominican composer, pianist and violinist (d. 1986)
1915 | Randolph Hokanson, American pianist (d. 2018)
1917 | Jean Hubeau, French composer, pianist and pedagogue (d. 1992)
Died On This Day
1840 | Josef Javůrek, Polish pianist, composer, conductor of Czech origin (b. 1756)
1888 | Edmund Neupert, Norwegian pianist, composer and pedagogue (b. 1842)
2002 | Conrad Hansen, German pianist (b. 1906)

Martha Argerich's Atelier at the Railway Station

We do not always have the opportunity to perform in a professional concert hall or practice on a concert piano in a professional studio also called the atelier. Nowadays, the fashionable venues for organizing concerts are the railway stations. Recently, in one of the cities in Poland, even a festival of classical music was organized at the railway station.
It turns out that the idea is not new.

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